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Print Production Survival Tips: Best Questions to Ask, Design Tips and More

Print production processes may not be a marketer’s top agenda item, but having a basic understanding is key to faster time to market and fewer headaches. Find out how paying close attention to details can lead to a quality, budget-friendly piece.

Get this guide and learn quick how-to’s on:

  • Choosing the right printer
  • Prepress communication
  • Design for smooth print production
  • Plus other key drivers that can make or break your print project’s final outcome
A Guide You Can Trust

Strata Company has more than 20 years of experience with every aspect of printing and production. Our full-service production facility offers everything in-house – from design, to printing, mailing and fulfillment services.

While this guide does not touch on all things print, it is perfect for early-career marketing professionals looking for instant insights into a more effective journey from concept to design to production. Our Print Production Survival Guide is the product of our collective knowledge and experience, distilled into at-a-glance tips to get you started on the most direct path to print production success.

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