Essential Features, Functionality and Benefits of a MRM System

Companies cannot afford to run their marketing efforts in a state of “organized chaos.” To improve control and eliminate costly inefficiency, today’s leaders turn to enabling technologies like cloud-based Marketing Resource Management.

This white paper defines what Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is, and delves into the key marketing processes it streamlines, such as marketing asset management, content customization, proofing and approval, and distribution.

In A Practical Guide to Marketing Resource Management you will learn about:

  • Aligning local marketing, affiliates and distributed teams with a central marketing vision
  • MRM’s critical role in speeding marketing cycle time and distribution
  • Core functional areas for consideration in a MRM solution
  • Creating a plan for successful implementation within your existing infrastructure

Best-in-Class businesses who’ve embraced MRM are enjoying the measurable benefits of having greater control over their brand and marketing operations. With this white paper you’ll gain a clear understanding of how and why they’re winning, and identify ways your organization can achieve similar success.

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